Brown Slips

Have you obtained the licence for a heavy vehicle and now all that stands between you and the road is the registration? Don’t stress about it, as Neysie Performance Center performs a brown slip inspection required for the process. We are a team of skilled and certified mechanics who have the knowledge, tools and authorisation to inspect your heavy vehicle and determine whether it is road-ready. Don’t hesitate to contact our team and inquire about the details of the inspection and see if there is anything you need to complete or any paper you need to obtain prior to a brown slip inspection. Our people will be more than happy to guide you through the process and make it as hassle and stress-free as possible.

Mechanic using diagnostic tool.

Why You Need to Undergo a Brown Slip Inspection

A brown slip inspection is required prior to the registration of heavy vehicles, that is, any vehicle or trailer which gross vehicle mass surpasses the 4.5 tonnes. Such vehicles are required to comply with specific NSW registration requirements, and this includes undergoing a brown slip inspection. If the vehicle passes the inspection and receives the brown slip, it means that it is in an adequate state to be driven on NSW roads.

Blue slip inspection is obligatory for all vehicles that need to:

  • Be registered for the first time in NSW
  • Renew registration in NSW
  • Adjust vehicle records
  • Clear notice of defects
Completed checklist on car service.

What You Need for Brown Slip Inspection

To prepare for a blue slip inspection, the driver needs to make sure of the following:

  • The driver needs to obtain the required license for operating the vehicle
  • The vehicle should be unladen for the inspection
  • The vehicle has to be cleaned, inside and out, especially underneath
  • If it is a passenger vehicle, it needs to have a fire extinguisher installed

In order to receive a brown slip, a heavy vehicle needs to be inspected by a certified mechanic who will check to see if the breaks and steering components operate correctly, if the cab is securely mounted to the body, exhaust secure and free from leaks, and so on. Here at Neysie Performance Centre, we have a checklist and are aware of all the items that need to be ticked off in order for a vehicle to pass a brown slip inspection.

Why Get a Blue Slip at Neysie Performance Centre

We employ a team of brown slip mechanics who aim to complete the inspection with the utmost attention to detail because we know it is not just about obtaining a piece of paper for the vehicle registration process – it is about determining whether the vehicle in question is roadworthy. If we discover any issues that need to be addressed before issuing a brown slip, one of our automotive professionals will complete all the work that needs to be done. We have a rich experience working with all types of vehicle makes and models, including light vehicles, motorsport vehicles, and all types of heavy vehicles.